what the hell is wrong with this world...these coutnries... these laws they preach, dont break em....
kate moss found to be sniffing white powder... get off scott free...wtf?
how is this teaching other people to be better? how will kids learn not to use drugs?
paris hilton.. driving after being banned....get out after 3 of the 23 days... wtf?
which prison lets inmates out because they were crying all night? whats this rare disease she has?
i can guess what it is...but that could've been sorted out with a pacifier...
are all these cases of the "missing white female" ..if she if white..good looking...she can do whatever..
as usual, its the insiginificant people who feel the full force of the law, the little people..
on their measley wages, get screwed by all the other measely people...
ah what an unfair world we live in...where the rich and famous run free..
while the poor get pounded to the ground....
there of course there is the divorce... women get half.. even without contributing anything..
ok so they can have the half...but they get the kids aswell...WTF?
....and further from the field of crappyness... the london 2012 logo... what about the logo used when bidding for the 2012? that looked good, why is there a need for another one? ...but yes...the new one does look like lisa simpson givin head..
ah blast!
life is hard enough but you have to contstanly deal with crap like i've written about...why?
one way to ignore it is to go away on holiday... but who can afford to be on holiday for life... maybe the rich and famous
probably why they dont care what they do and can buy themselves out of problems