Foreign Racists...

on saturday night I visited the town of wimbledon to burn the weekend nights, we queued up at Po Na Na at about midnight, 2 friends at the front of the queue, six white guys, then I and the other friend. the guy at the door (not the bouncer) asks my friend at the front "how many people?" to which my friend unwittingly said 4, pointing to us at the back of the queque, after a second he says "i cant let you in because you are all guys". this is the norm in clubs so we walked away, a few steps away, then i thought i would watch what happens to these 6 white men who were left in the queue now, the guy asks the guys some questions then lets them in... 6 guys?

i walked up to the guy, and asked him why he let six guys in and didnt let us 4 in, he replies " they work in the industry", i said i work in the industry aswell let me in, nuh-uh. so i asked him why he said "he cant let us in because we were all guys" and then now tell us that "they work in the industry"... no answer,

turns out the guy is kiwi,

i proceeded to tell the guy what i thought of him and then he dissappeared into the club, of course that was after i had taken a picture of the racist cunt..

following on from the letter on the london paper today about aussie racists, it seems these kiwis and aussies dont get a chance to mingle with coloured people in australia or NZ that they think they can bring their racist attitude to UK. lets not start on the eastern europeans...