let down after let down...

London unveils 2012 stadium plan
The stadium will be the showpiece of the Games

London 2012 officials have hailed the design for their £496m Olympic Stadium following its unveiling on Wednesday.

"No-one can say we've compromised on design, on sustainability or on the legacy potential," said Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell MP.

Work on the 80,000-seater stadium will begin ahead of schedule in April 2008.

What a crap stadium, with no roof, it rains in england mofos!
then the cost went up sky high...? another wembley in the making?
and whats the effing point in having a BORING looking stadium for an Olympic?
i wanna slap those idiots who approved this one...
what do these idiots see in this design? need a landmark design that echoes around the world,
it needs to say THIS IS LONDON, this is the olympics not some world championship meet..
then of course there is the olympic logo... :-| , liza simpson doing her thang...