Sack the Idiot...

Assembly call to sack Met chief
Sir Ian Blair
Sir Ian Blair has been backed by the home secretary
Members of the London Assembly have passed a vote of no confidence in Sir Ian Blair, the Met Police Commissioner.
Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the assembly united to ensure the motion was passed by 15 votes to eight.
Addressing members before the vote, Sir Ian repeated his apology for the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes but insisted he will not resign.


how can you be the cheif of police and not know whats  going?
then you started lying to the public right after menzes was shot,  and now you wont step down?
stupid assembly has no power over policing, yet it still has a no confidence vote? whats the point?
are you bent on wasting tax payers money?
huge investigation into Menzes shooting, then the police get fined...WTF?
not only tax payers money on the investigation, tax payers also have to pay the fine.... MOFO!