Nokia vs Sony Ericsson

I recently upgraded to the K850i, moving on from a nokia phone to a SonyEricsson phone after 10 years.. the first impressions were good, nice design, then you slowly feel the phone, the keys are dodgy, then  you get into the phone, the software is crap!
here is my rant review of the k850i:

only thing i like is the send to blog feature on it.. i'm sure i can get that on the n95

on the k850i, the calendar is crap, there is no active standby screen where the days calendar events are on the standby screen,
this is the worst feature ever on the SE, you can put notes on the standby screen but you cant put the days events on the standby screen.. wTF?
not only does nokia put all todays events on the standby screen, it also puts upcoming meetings aswell, beautiful!

you have to enter the date, actually click on a date, on a calendar to see what events are happening, in nokia a lil pop-up appears as u move dates on a month view

using Ericsson PC suite i was able to sync k850i with google calendar via vista calendar, current nokia pc suite doesnt recognize "subscribed calendar" on vista calendar

i am sending my k850i back to t-mobile and planning to wait til they release the N95 8GB,

my first ever mobile phone was an Ericsson t10 or something, crap software, and after 10 years they still have crap software! series 60 rocks!