Livin under

He waited patiently for the tube to pull up, he had resigned to the fact that it didn't matter anymore, whatever he did he wasn't in control of time anymore. He was stuck in where he had no control over anything, if he wanted he could jump out but that would be suicide. Nothing to do but go with the flow. When they said he was 'here' he will get off and continue to the next set of instructions. He has no choice but return to this life everyday. Maybe this life provides stability.

En ithayam udaithai norungavey, en maru ithayam tharuvaen udaikavey.

What is the life of your choice?
A. Chase money?
B. Chase god?
C. Chase power?
D. Chase happiness?

Its that simple! Its that simple?

Then there are the little things:
Every clothes shop seems to have a different idea of size. 32 waist short trouser will be absolutely different in every shop. One will be too short. One will give you no room in the crotch area. Some 32s are tight for some reason. Just pissing you off one little thing at a time.

I would rather be soaking up sun on a tropical island beach.

Same old, same shit different day. How to go about changing this feeling. But it is what it is. Life insignificant even if you are the president of the USA. Life still insignificant. A bunch of ants or better termites building cities awaiting some kind of destruction.

Everyone rolled into a metal tube, sitting here tryna get to work on time so that the boss doesn't get a chance to feel like he owns your ass.