Japan Vs East Asia


while the islamic fundamendalists go to war with the west for screwing around with their countries and their beliefs on the other side, Chinese and koreans are going to war with Japan (the USA of the east?)


quote:Protesters carrying Chinese flags surrounded the Japanese consulate, throwing stones and other missiles.

They say Japan's new school books play down wartime atrocities and oppose a UN Security Council seat for Japan

quote:Zhao, 35, taxi driver

Japan has not faced up to its history. Chinese people don't have a good feeling for Japan.

There are many reasons - but I don't like Japan because I feel that Japanese people look down on other Asian people.

I have never been willing to buy anything Japanese. Japanese technology is good, but I will not buy it.

quote:Guo Jingyu, 31, TV producer

I've just finished making a drama about Shanghai in 1937 resisting Japan.

My father was head of the Chinese Communist Party Resist Japan campaign. His father and brothers were beheaded by the Japanese.

I want people to remember this history - but I also want people to forgive.

Forgive but remember - this is what my education taught me.

quote:Han, 21, student

I have read about the Nanjing genocide in the newspaper.

I haven't thought that much about it, but because of what I have read about that massacre I do not like Japan.

its all bloody politics,

japan wants to permanently join the UN security council, china doesnt want that to happen, but USA is gonna support Japan because it wants to remove communism and help USA with war with china if China is to take back taiwan, USA also has a lotta say in UN due to its large percentage of funding,

its not just the chinese that have something to say to japan, its most east asian countries,

some people in these countries are begining boycotting of japanese products, should be interesting, east is destabilized, japans economy will be soley dependent on the "west", who benefits?

i will ponder the upcoming release of sony PSP in korea and china...sony is better off shipping to europe till all this bad air is diffused