Right Royal


Camilla the Duchess of cornwall makes a man of Prince Charles, finally after 30 years


Andrew said...

2 ugly dogs.

ESOOLimeS said...

i bet ur mom is ugly too

what kinda friggin comment is that?
i bet u r american

A4H said...

I saw the Church thingy they had after the wedding...what's with all the weirdo hats? *rolls eyes*

shree said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ESOOLimeS said...

u better say sorry and change the comment,

how u know she is a bitch?
diana was the bitch who cheated on charles,

charles met camilla 30 years ago,

so say sorry and change the comment

Milani said...

i think they look good together,
its too bad they both had to wait this long to get together

the only reason diana is considered a saint is because she did all the good things in front of media

camilla is also doing good things, she did them as his "mistress" as well with no media

ESOOLimeS said...

what diana did for charity is different

what she did to charles is different

always some who doesnt really know anything who talks rubbish about charles.

now i see ur comment :D
they definitely do look good together, glad he had the guts to do it

milani said...

i doubt diana loved him
if she did it was childish
how old was she when she married him?

i think at that time it was just oh he asked me, i think i like him

i don't know either way thats the charity is why she was liked by the world
otherwise she would just be another fergie or sophie

shree said...

okay Fine maybe im biased on this.but thats my personal view.im not sayin sorry and im not takin it back

ESOOLimeS said...

learn pannu, learn pannu

what the hell has she done to u to call her a bitch?

shree said...

OMG U DELETED MY COMMENT??!?!!fine I WONT comment on anything.jerk

ESOOLimeS said...

learn some manners

shree said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
shree said...

ure talking abt manners?u deleted my comments and URE talkin abt manners?pfft.funny.

ESOOLimeS said...

i deleted it coz it was rude
be nice, especially to people u dont even know

shree said...

HAHAH..dun u think wat u jus said is IRONIC?? especially to pple i dun noe? so im supposed to be rude to pple i KNOw??hahaha... i dont know her. i dont like her.I'LL SAY shes a bitch .unnaku enga valikuthu??if i said sumthin bad abt u den u tell me.LET ME TELL u SUMTHIN mister U cant tell me wat friggin to do!!capish?u noe wat ure jus a jackass.screw this

ESOOLimeS said...

how would u like it if some1 who doesnt know you or anything says something bad about you?

ESOOLimeS said...

if we go through with your logic then nazi's were ok for hating the jews