blame the media

ah the media...
who does it affect?
it affects everyone who watches/listens/reads

there you are going along with your life, normality you assume. then you go and pick up some media, and it causes stress, anger, hate. of course it can also give you happiness but you are happy with your normal life.

media affects teenagers, child pregnancies, smoking, drugs, violence....

but do we forget that media can also affect adults?
democracy and media doesnt work well, people need to be taught acceptable behaviour, media content needs to be regulated.
the regulators must be regulated.
everything is possible, but the government gets in the way. it controls whats right and wrong. but there is no justice.
a man who raped a 3 year old girl gets 6 years reduced sentance because he pleaded guilty. if he had pleaded not guilty he would have gotten 12(?)
6 years for raping a 3 year old girl? was the judge in the right frame of mind?
one rule for your people, another rule for another countries people.
when terrorist bomb london, the people are innocent. when the british bomb iraq the people who die there are casualty of war.
when hamas bombs israel its terrorism. when israel bombs palestine its defending israel.

media must be regulated.


Anonymous said...

It's the LTTE that needs regulating.

AJ said...

what about the GoSL which created the LTTE?

LTTE are the regulators of GoSL.