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all this trouble because america has screwed up in middle east, afghanista, etc..etc..
EU court blocks data deal with US
Aircraft at Heathrow
The US said the deal was essential after the 9/11 attacks
The European Court of Justice has blocked an EU-US agreement that allows European airline passenger data to be transferred to the US authorities.

The Luxembourg court said there was no legal basis for the EU decision to declare US data protection "adequate".

European airlines have been obliged to give US authorities passengers' names, addresses and credit card details.

The measure - opposed by the European Parliament - was designed to help prevent acts of terrorism.

The agreement demands that within 15 minutes of take-off for the United States, a European airline must send the US authorities 34 items of personal information about the passengers on board.

Washington has warned that it will impose heavy fines and deny landing rights for any airline failing to comply with the agreement.

The US demanded tighter airline security worldwide after the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington by suicide hijackers.