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Sri Lanka 'must probe' killings
Relatives mourn Tamils killed on Kayts islet
Relatives mourn Tamils killed near Jaffna
Amnesty International has urged the Sri Lankan government to investigate fully a spate of killings of civilians.

The human rights group noted "a disturbing pattern of incomplete or ineffective investigations by the government" into such violence.

The appeal came after 13 Tamil civilians, two of them young children, were shot dead near Jaffna on Saturday.

Tamil Tiger rebels accused the navy of "slaughter", but officials denied any involvement and blamed the rebels.

The Sri Lankan government has obligations under international law to take steps to prevent such killings
Amnesty International

The two sides have failed to agree dates for fresh peace talks in the past month, which has seen more than 200 people killed, many of them civilians or members of the security forces.

the problem is that this has been going on for 23+ years and this is one of the reasons why the war started in the first place..


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