amid the shalit...the world today..

who cares if hamas recognizes israel or not?
its there and is recognized by most of the countries around the world...

hamas and fatah keep fightin internally...divide and conquer...piece of cake!

like whats happening in sri-lanka..
EPDP,PLOTE,Karuna and GoSL against LTTE and Tamil People

israel is considering military action to get their missin soldier back.... what are the chances he is gonna survive?
israel knows there is no chance, but it wants to kill a palentinians for payback!

world cup football, italians screwed over australians thanks to the ref,  but then its not the refs fault, its FIFA, its unwillingness to use video evidence, okay fine, it will slow the game down, but punish the team after wards! you need harsher penalties to stop diving! dont expect the refree to be perfect! kick out teams if players dive. especially the italians, full of cheating corrupted mofos, eg. take a look at serie A, fucked up!

BBC is funded by the license payers,  so why cant we know how much the people who work for BBC earn? whawt the fawk is up with thawt?

apparently anton balasingham has admited that killing rajiv ghandi was a mistake, IPKF was a mistake!
this is the first time an LTTE person has admitted to killing rajiv,

sri-lanka/tamil eelam, no peace, no war. shitty period! this midway just lets mofos like karuna, epdp and plote go around killing people.
i wonder how long this will go on for...