another blair fuck up

53 criminals given life sentances by judges since 2000 have been released.
following on the fresh footsteps off....

Baby rape

Judge John Griffith Williams QC was acting in accordance with guidelines when he sentenced Sweeney, 24, at Cardiff Crown Court.

Sweeney - who was known to the family - had snatched the girl from her home after she had returned home from a shopping trip and while her mother made a telephone call.

He drove her to his Newport flat where he was living after being released early from a three-year sentence for indecently assaulting a girl aged six. There she was sexually assaulted.

Earlier this month, five judges at the Court of Appeal increased the minimum jail sentence on Alan Webster, convicted of raping a 12-week-old baby, after the case was referred to them by the attorney general.

can u get anymore fucked up?