the sinhala politicians are bastards.
the americans turn a blind eye to what SLA/GoSL does to as long as GoSL continues to buy weapons from them,
Europe needs to reconsider. europeans short sighted, they dont care about things which isnt in europe.

BBC sign jonothan ross for 18 mill, he is not worth that. bbc doesnt need those extra stupid freeview channels, with 18 million they culd've bought a few premiership matches
i guess the boss doesnt care as its all paid by the public. bbc takin the piss if they think the lack of advertisement tv is enough to keep tv license payers.
i dont even watch or listen to his programs,all coz he is a twat. a money hungry twat. thick too.

3 inmates die at guantanamo, apparently suicide,  who is to know? maybe they went overboard with tortures or whatever crap they are testing on them..

then there is the world cup, slow...i guess it'll all speed up once brazil starts playin its games...