is it the education system that brainwashes us...
or is it the media that brainwashed us...
i know for a fact that NEWS programs brainwash! you are always told that there are two sides to a story but on the news you always get the one sided view,
do news programs conform to popularist views? do they try and protect their own interests? are they obliged not to offend people by going with the popularist view? offending the minority doesnt matter?
would life be better if news programs were not aired? are the broadcasters in it for the money or for getting the information to people? do news programs spice up news to make it more interesting? why do they send their reporters to war torn areas, get a close shot of the action? is that residual from movies? to make the viewer more interested in the story?
moving on..
is there any just in blaming the west for all the problems in the rest of the world? shouldnt the mistakes of the west ages ago be forgotten?
moving on..
india is going to have its own version of Big Brother.... WTF?
and apparently there is a rise in indians wanting to see the life of the rich and famous... start of the Mtv Cribs in india? or does that already exist..
hopefully they pull 8  people from different castes and religions into the program, and fags and hermaphrodites, and maybe a person with HIV and a person with leprosy,
that should make it more interesting, none of those bollywood fags