sun, sea and sand


we the Surrey Uni Ex Tamils were meant to play Gray's Church on saturday, but our guy who booked the ground didnt do a good job and turned out that the ground wasnt available
so we allowed the cricket and headed down to bournemouth beach, it was good! spent 5 hours at the beach, ate the sandwiches made for cricket..
played some volleyball and cricket, went into the sea to face some rough waves...
played the league cricket on sunday, against dollis hill, was in my japan top when a coach load of japanese kids walked through acton park, couldnt remember whether Domu was hell or thank you,
Eelam CC finally had a full team out on sunday, out strongest team i think, scored 248 in 35 overs, then bowled dollis hill out for 125 or something..
glad to head home early and go to mr.Djz BBQ,
should've stayed and enjoyed that and called in sick today, its 32'C in london, 33 tommo and 34 on wednesday... hot damn!!!
then weather wise i think its going downhill from thursday onwards, prolly crap weather on the weekend.
next sunday is prebooked with a trip to thorpe park, if no other better options turn up,
summer is picking up..TG/TF!