this is berval movit to foncuse and pomclicate things

well....last friday, (7/7/06)went to an engagment party of a friends, did some djing...
could've been better...
then on saturday (8/7/06) went to a good friends fiancee's birthday party in london,
met some of the painballing gang, a pretty good night!
then on sunday(9/7/06) went to play cricket in bexley, awful pitch,
the team we played was called Jaffna XI, bunch of cheating retards!
the league sends the main umpire and all the other team had to do was be the leg umpire and what do they do? cheat!
1. the batsman was clearly stumped by our keeper, the idiot leg umpire was standing where he couldnt see the line, and said its not out
 then you see the batsman slowly move back into the crease, mofo!
2. then on the second occasion, same leg umpire, same batsman, he got stumped again, way out, the leg umpire raises his finger and gives him out, noticed by all the fielders,
then the batsman inces his way back into the crease, the leg umpire puts his hands down and said he wasnt looking,
what the fuck? fucking bunch of morons! Jaffna Xi, from east london, playin in bexley heath, you are all a bunch of mofos! especially that left hander,
 he had the ordacity to say sorry after cheating and staying in to bat,
then monday came and went, tuesday (11/07/06) i played cricket for the company, a cup game,
i scored 7 runs, then got given out LBW for a ball going down the leg side, i blame the guy who said its ok to have a person from the other team be umpire
it was an easy match, got two wickets in the end. one bowled and one caught by out cap.
and then the rest of the days went , now its friday.... the weeks go so fast! we'll soon be in august...