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imgs1_02.gif "AANIVAER" which is a full length film shot and produced in the Tamil homeland of Sri Lanka.  It unfolds a love story through which courses turbulent and continuing scenes of political current seriously affecting the very existence of the indigenous Tamils of Sri Lanka.

"AANIVAER" is a "Must- See" - Movie for those that are concerned with human rights as the film makes a bracing of the real socio – political situation in Sri Lanka. Any person who views the film with equanimity will agree that it undeniably stands out for its honesty and sincerity.

"AANIVAER"  film has a touch of political theme and it is welcomed by non-partisan people and non governmental organisations as they portray the urgency and evoke a reflection of the times we live in. "AANIVAER" belongs to that category of films.


Sri Lanka which once was praised as a Pearl of the Indian Ocean is now a pool of serious problems. The countries of the West are not unaware of the ever unfolding tragedies of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, nor about the inhuman and degrading treatment do the Tamils suffer in Sri Lankan. Still western countries continue to be deaf and blind to the miseries and tragedies of the Tamils though the Tamil Diaspora who are now scattered all over the world continue to knock at the doors of the corridors of power in the West.
The recent involvement of international governments and peace loving organisations in the monitoring of peace between the Sinhalese and the Tamils has internationalized the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict. The presence of Western representatives in Sri Lanka as peace monitors has exposed the duplicity and pretensions of the Sri Lankan government to the rest of the world which hitherto willfully refused to listen to the cries of the oppressed Tamils of Sri Lanka, branding all and sundry as terrorists.

"AANIVAER" is being released at a time when the West, thanks to the honest and bold utterings of the Norwegian representative in Sri Lanka, has started to realize the reality and ground situation in Sri Lanka.

Though the movie ""AANIVAER"" is not political, yet it artistically succeeds in telling the world at large that it is high time the West heeds to the whimpers of the Tamils whose necks are wrung mercilessly by the brutal security forces with the connivance of the Sinhalese government.

The love story of ""AANIVAER"" begins with the arrival in Omantai in Vanni of a female journalist from South India, who had visited Sri Lanka previously to gather information and photographs for a cover story for an Indian magazine. During her first visit, which lasted for a couple of months, she witnessed the happenings in the Sri Lanka and during her interviews with people and authorities developed a love affair with a Tamil Doctor cum social worker in the trouble stricken region of Tamil homeland.

Having personally experienced the pitiful plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, she goes back to South India with a heavy heart.

The love lorn journalist from South India returns to Vanni for the second time with a view to meeting the Doctor cum social worker whom she had met and loved on her first visit. Her initial enquiries to find out the whereabouts of the Doctor friend prove difficult. But she continues. The events that unfold in the movie thereafter are flash backs, and those flash backs vividly  and picturesquely portray the scenes of how the school girl Krishanthy was abused, raped and bumped off as well as the pathetic scenes of Tamil exodus from Jaffna to Kilinochchi and Vanni reminiscent of the great exodus of the Biblical times.

The most revealing aspect of the movie is what it says indirectly about the political and social attitude of the Sinhalese race towards the Tamil race. Although this is the first full length film filmed in the home land of Tamils with the barest of facilities and technology the director of the film has successfully ploughed a far- from –typical furrow on the firmament of cinematography.
"AANIVAER" has brilliantly proved that films can impart telling messages while appearing to be doing something entirely different. It is a brilliant film by all standards.

This is a "Must-See" movie that should be seen by all and sundry.

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