$1.3 Billion for War

Sri-lankan government is to put $1.3 Billion into its defence  forces.
god knows how much will be pocketed by MPs, especially by the president and defence minister who are brothers.
The president gets in power and soon he puts his brother in charge of defence of the country,
does he have qualifications? no need for them in sri-lanka
then the presidents brother survives a supposed LTTE suicide attack on him,
of course any bomb going off in colombo is by LTTE,
- the sri-lankan army is using EPRLF, EPDP and Karuna to kill tamils,
- they are also being used to stirr up hate for LTTE in the border areas,
two muslim youths were shot in vavuniya, of course blamed on LTTE, altho its is an army controlled area, most likley shot by karuna forces with the aid of army to stirr up the locals
- the sri-lankan politicians are using their power through the sri-lankan army to use these paramilitary forces to kill their political opponents and blame it all on the LTTE
where is sri-lanka going to find this £1.3 billion?
- tax?
- tsunami aid money?
- IMF?
- Loans?
- the people and the politicians
sri-lankan politicians with their bhuddist monks push for a Lone country for bhuddists, Sri-lanka a country for just bhuddists,
but can this dream be achieved by killing tamils?