if UK was a Family

If the Country was a family...
the Government would be the Father, the liar, the cheater, pretending to be better than other fathers,
the Media would be the Mother, always nagging the husband, always bitching about something, always buying into the latest fashion
The Transport system would be the grand father, old, decrepid and smells of urine (eg. National Rail, Underground)
The Armed forces will be the adopted son, the one that found out he was adopted and wants to get rid of his anger, and wants to please his adopted father
the Police force would be the family dog, do anything for the man of the house, fetch sticks, catch balls, bend over.. i mean roll over 
the NHS would be the spoilt daughter who gets a large allowance, she is ugly and plastic surgery isnt helping
the Banks would be mistress of the nation, the one everyone wants sleep with, but she is a gold digger
i think i got everyone in the family... not sure about the grand mother...
please feel free to add to the family, if its good i'll add to my blog..with credit ;-)