life is a chance

is everything a chance, a probability? yes
so in this world everything that occurs has some probability of occuring,
a birth of a child is a chance, many things can go right, many things can go wrong
there is a chance the child will live to 90 and there is a chance the child will only make it to 9 months
there is a chance for organ failure related death and there is a chance for accident with a bus
of course i believe that astrology and numerology is a pile of BS, but lets consider this...
in tamil hindu society every person have an astrology chart made, the children are named according to a formula
all this is done in order to provide the children with the right name, is this done to give the child a good chance in life?
if i had a name starting with A, i will be the first in line at school, i would be picked first for anything, and so could having that name kill me?
is it possible that the astrology/numerology name picked out gives a good chance of living long
the date and time you are born cannot be changed, can a name give the best for the date and time or birth?
Life Begins ---------------------------------------------------------------- Life End. (a normal 90 years odd life)
Life Beings ----------------------------------------------| end of life due to accident, but can the way i live because of my name protect me from this accident? can i be that passenger that didnt get on the plane? time can determine living and dying.
in car accident death, it is possible if the driver had left 2 seconds, even 1 second late, his whole journey would have changed and he would have survived death,
something to think about... as leading different paths in life can change the person, his life, his outlook, etc..etc..