Litvinenko murdered ok, how many did Litvinenko kill?

Litvinenko was murdered, super assassin style by poisoning his coffee with polonium,
now Litvinenko is a former KGB agent... now how many people did he kill in this way?
hasnt is always been live by the sword, die by the sword?
how does the media manage to portray it in such a way to take only livenenko's side of the story?
too much cold war movies? british media cant get over bambi?
come on now... but which journalist would have the guts to ask such question?
all journalists follow the same suit, no mind of their own, always follow the same brand
untill something crack, some one protests, then the journalists mind sway and they
write something opposing the generaly held view......does the press really have freedom of speech?


Voiceless said...

Journalists are Dumb. Period.

Easy example is the numerous articles we read about the war in Sri Lanka.