British colonial leftovers - Part 1

Capitalism, better than communism or socialism. That is what the west thought would be the best for the world and therefore demonized communism and all other isms which clever people thought of. Of course some isms are definitely not good for us but is capitalism worthy? did the west chose it because they were already wealthy? They dominated the poor countries and liked it and felt the need to demonize in order to preserve their capitalism, Because the whole thing would fall apart without free market more importantly poor people.

so where am i going with this?
Take any country colonised by the British and you will find  that the people are driven by money and money alone. life even at the lower order is driven by money, success is measured by how rich you are. Is this a culture bred by the british colonialists? could a society be so designed that it seeks money at every opportunity. Of course as you keep the mass trying to make money they don't pay attention to how the country is run, even if they did it would come second to making money.