open a book


i wonder why i dont want to study, is it laziness or dont know which to study out of the three possible things,

1.Diseases of Protein Aggregation Essay
2.Introduction for Dissertation
3.Revise for Exam

all three things needs to done around 20th of april
today is the 2nd, i got 18 days left
and still no where near starting any of the above

whats stopping me from doing these things

1. pure lazyness (is it laziness or lazyness?)
2. internet - forums - gadgets
3. oogling at sony psp
4. chatting on msn
5. games - enemy territory - farcry

i think i should go with pure lazyness and the internet, i shuld unplug the computer, but my friend is using it to download so cant just turn it off or take off the lan wire,

then of course..when i get bored of all the 5 things above i eat/drink


Anonymous said...

Laziness...I suffer from it too...nalla jodi eh?