erosion of whats right....

suddenly now there is a POLL saying that most people in europe and US feel the torturing prisonners is okay in rare terrorist cases, what the fuck defines a rare case in terrorism? how the fuck would you know its a rare case?

so the american government and CIA become terrorists to catch terrorists, but still hold onto that "no talking to terrorists" bull shit. why dont you just talk to the terrorists, see what they want, then you wouldnt have to worry about bombings and torturing people? puta!

of course no one can do anything, CIA secret flights, CIA tortures, what else does CIA do? CIA are terrorists, for all they care about is america, every other country and person of another country is expendable.

so in another news gary glitter (Paul Gadd), the paedophile is under trial in vietnam for "raping" an 11 year old girl, if convicted (he is a convicted paedophile in UK, i still dont understand why he isnt in a jail in UK) he faces the death penalty, death by firing. shoot the mofo!

amnesty international is protesting against this, they are against killing for any crime.


Anonymous said...

To quote from one of my favourite shows Commander In Chief.. "The laws against torture are there to protect us, not them." (mmhm.. that was the gist of what the President said)

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes, "might is right".

"rare terrorist cases"?? Now that gives the notion that there are some terrorist cases that's common. Terrorism is not the norm for it to become common.

All terrorist cases are rare.

Unless you live in Israel.