GoSL/SLA cries

after almost of a year of LTTE saying that SLA is waging a shadow war by using kruna/EPDP/EPRLF memebers now after incidents in Jaffna the SLA is saying LTTE is waging a stealth war,

in the shadow war in the east LTTE has lost a number of political leaders,

the tension in Jaffna (north) only rose after two tamil men decorating for Maveerar's naal (hero's day) were gunned down by unkown people. the people who shot them are bound to be EPDP/EPRLF and couldnt have acted without consuling the SLA.

for how long will SLA continue to point fingers at LTTE while continuing to use EPDP, EPRLF and karuna as its shadow front.


Anonymous said...

SLA uses EPDP/Karuna/Plote/EPRLF
to attack civilians who had remotest contact any time in their live and kill them. The Tamil groups are given automatic guns to gun down anyone suspected of either working for LTTE or campaigning against the SL govt. or any of the Tamil groups. They are also given huge sums of tax payers money to do propaganda against LTTE.

Anonymous said...

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