Australians kickin up a storm


these are pics taken last sunday on australian beach after a white crowd targetted mediterranean/arabic looking people for an attack on a life guard a week before.

racists are morons, especially if you are an australian racist. you've stolen aboriginal land and you think you own the place, then you have the moronic state of mind to be racist? are you thick in the head? yes i think you are!


Anonymous said...

They all descendent of criminals who were banished to Australia.

So naturally they will be stupid, cause their great great great gandfather was stupid enough to commit a crime and get banished.

Anonymous said...

This shows how much you know about Australia.
Have you ever heard of the Lebanese Gangs? Who are arrogant beyond words and vile beyond words.
Get your facts first before throwing lose accusations.
(I don't condone the violence of last Sunday be they be the white aussies during the day and Lebanese Aussies during the night who thrashed cars etc)But please don't just blame one group of people.

AJ said...

whats gang violence gonna solve?
the police should deal with it not taking up something to a racist level