damnations, been rather bored lately!

met a guy on the road, he came up to me and asked for directions. looked very tamil, so i asked him if he is tamil, he said no, i thought he misheard me, i asked him again, are you tamil?, he said no, i told him how to get to the place he wanted to then i asked him if he is sinhala, he said yes. then i asked him if he is studying, he said he works for the SLA, and is here *censored*. i dont think you should advertise the fact you work for the SLA. i told him to quit the SLA and settle down in UK.


shree said...

bold statements. too bold

AJ said...

spiderman? wolverine?

bold that i'm bored..?

shree said...

no the fact that the guy told you hes working for SLA..when you repeatedly asked if he was tamil :S

AJ said...

yeah....prolly said it coz he was new to London