sorry ass state, of affairs


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so a poor whale swam up the thames as far as parliament, the whale had its problems.
if it was depressed it picked the wrong country! the water in the thames aint exactly CLEAN!

the rescue operation sucked, carryin it in a trawler at 5mph or some lame shit speed,

then there was the elephants in russia being fed Vodka to stop them from freezin their balls off, (-30'C). Zoo's make me sick! especially when they keep an animal in an enviroment which isnt suitable for it. and lord knows they are still catching wild animals and packing them up for developed country zoos. especially depressing is watching animals acting like schizos, doing repetitive things.

freedom for wild animals, kill cats and dogs!


Kris said...

yup...agree with u..........even in SL they import Penguins and stuff them up in an open tank with ice cubes......doesnt work.. every month a couple dies.......also sea lions..... zoo's in all over the world do this!!! if ppl wanna see them they can view much closer on TV...why put them on zoo's and kill them???........ think its wronge to entertain ppl this way!