nindo noyena hendewewe playing on my pSP.
it has a nice screen! dayam! altho not sure about watching movies on it.

my GTA:Liberty City Stories is in stock and is taking two days to be processed, some real lazy fuckers at! was hoping it would be sent today and i would get it tommo but mofos are lazy!

filled up my 1gig memory stick with vidoes. only got 46mb free now.

the music player on the psp could be spiced up with some graphics. what do they call it ...AV? audio visuals?

need a text viewer for psp, had to convert "life of pi" book into 530 images, which came to about 40mb,

without wireless function, tried to connect to the neighbours wifi, but kept getting blocked, gonna get the wireless crap fixed at home, i had it all set up a month then my bro decided to change it.


Anonymous said...

yea the image quality is fantastic!you shud save some games in there *thumbs up*

Anonymous said...

oh snap dat was me -sns