Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

this is inspired from the comment "there is no news in newspapers". a comment which arose after a look at the magazine/news section of a supermarket.

most of the magazines are glorifying sex, glorifying drug users. Kare moss, the super slut super model, cocaine user, with a kid, in a week, went thru drug allegations, a new boyfriend and a trip for disney land with her kid and the police issued a warrant to arrest her.(no sympathy please for disney land with her kid). why is it that celebs are always caught using some illegal drug but never prosecuted? how can you expect the kids to learn not to use drugs if you arnt arresting the peers for breaking the law? lock these mofos up!

the tabloids are full of crap, read by the low class of people, they twist anything to their way of thinking and have the whole nations up in arms just the way they like them. the drones which read it get brainwashed, its almost illegal! they attract the drones with big breasts or some stupifying news about a soap character dying. then inside is the BS which fucks up people in the head. no wonder there is no respect in the society, no wonder there is a class below low class in england. the crass, cess pit society which lives like celebs but just off the screen.