Have a MC and a HNY!

here is the present i bought for myself..

if UK was a Family

If the Country was a family...
the Government would be the Father, the liar, the cheater, pretending to be better than other fathers,
the Media would be the Mother, always nagging the husband, always bitching about something, always buying into the latest fashion
The Transport system would be the grand father, old, decrepid and smells of urine (eg. National Rail, Underground)
The Armed forces will be the adopted son, the one that found out he was adopted and wants to get rid of his anger, and wants to please his adopted father
the Police force would be the family dog, do anything for the man of the house, fetch sticks, catch balls, bend over.. i mean roll over 
the NHS would be the spoilt daughter who gets a large allowance, she is ugly and plastic surgery isnt helping
the Banks would be mistress of the nation, the one everyone wants sleep with, but she is a gold digger
i think i got everyone in the family... not sure about the grand mother...
please feel free to add to the family, if its good i'll add to my blog..with credit ;-)

Anton Balasingham's Funeral


its Anton Balasingham's Funeral today at Alexandra Palace,

life is a chance

is everything a chance, a probability? yes
so in this world everything that occurs has some probability of occuring,
a birth of a child is a chance, many things can go right, many things can go wrong
there is a chance the child will live to 90 and there is a chance the child will only make it to 9 months
there is a chance for organ failure related death and there is a chance for accident with a bus
of course i believe that astrology and numerology is a pile of BS, but lets consider this...
in tamil hindu society every person have an astrology chart made, the children are named according to a formula
all this is done in order to provide the children with the right name, is this done to give the child a good chance in life?
if i had a name starting with A, i will be the first in line at school, i would be picked first for anything, and so could having that name kill me?
is it possible that the astrology/numerology name picked out gives a good chance of living long
the date and time you are born cannot be changed, can a name give the best for the date and time or birth?
Life Begins ---------------------------------------------------------------- Life End. (a normal 90 years odd life)
Life Beings ----------------------------------------------| end of life due to accident, but can the way i live because of my name protect me from this accident? can i be that passenger that didnt get on the plane? time can determine living and dying.
in car accident death, it is possible if the driver had left 2 seconds, even 1 second late, his whole journey would have changed and he would have survived death,
something to think about... as leading different paths in life can change the person, his life, his outlook, etc..etc..

Ruin it for the rest...


there is always a bunch of idiots who ruin it for the rest...
i was watching a program on channel 4 "the problem with atheists" or something along that line..
and it was talking about the fact that there are radical atheists just like in other organised religion.
I am an atheist because i know there is no god.
I am an atheist but i respect other religions.
I am an atheist but i respect other peoples beliefs.
I am an atheist who thinks other people don't realise the truth.
I am an atheist who knows other people are not stupid.
I am an atheist but I was brought up as a Hindu.
I am an atheist but I will have a Hindu ceremony for my wedding.
I am an atheist who believes that religion is important in learning.
I am an atheist who will bring my children up with religion.
I am an atheist who believes that religion teaches moral, no the simpsons.
I am an atheist who thinks the growth of chav (people lacking respect for anything) culture is due to lack of religion.
i could go on,  but i am not a radical, i can hear quotes from people of other religion. "most Muslims/Christians/Buddhists are no extremists"
after watching this program atheists need to say this too, "most atheists are not extremists"
"these people are a disgrace to atheism" -- damn! another line repeated by many of the religions
I've jumped from one organised religion to another one.. i am now not an atheist. i don't want to be categorized as one
I am just a person who thinks god does not exist. I don't want to be classified as an atheist anymore. i don't want to be a part of a religious or a non-religious belief system.

Champions League Draw

PSV Eindhoven v ARSENAL
Roma v Lyon
Barcelona v LIVERPOOL
Real Madrid v Bayern Munich
Inter Milan v Valencia
hmm...liverpool got a tough one..

Ipswich Murders


so drug addicted whores get murdered in ipswich, what does the media do?
it paints beautyful pictures of the drug addict whores, the media is fucked up!
they were dirty disgusting drug addicted whores...tell is like it is bitch...

Lost my Wii


4th try with blogger e-mail blog service..

after days of arguing with amazon, aamzon finally tells me that parcelforce has lost my wii..

Don't use HSBC
Don't use Amazon.com
Don't use Parcelforce

Outsourcing blame


i was watching 30 days, episode about outsourcing..
yeah its about time those who lost the job due to outsourcing blamed the indians for their losses,
they should blame the greedy share holders who want a higher profit margin..
only uneducated fucks blame the indians/chinese or whereever their jobs have been outsourced ,
its those rich fucks behing the company, chairmen, share holders, etc,.etc..

$1.3 Billion for War

Sri-lankan government is to put $1.3 Billion into its defence  forces.
god knows how much will be pocketed by MPs, especially by the president and defence minister who are brothers.
The president gets in power and soon he puts his brother in charge of defence of the country,
does he have qualifications? no need for them in sri-lanka
then the presidents brother survives a supposed LTTE suicide attack on him,
of course any bomb going off in colombo is by LTTE,
- the sri-lankan army is using EPRLF, EPDP and Karuna to kill tamils,
- they are also being used to stirr up hate for LTTE in the border areas,
two muslim youths were shot in vavuniya, of course blamed on LTTE, altho its is an army controlled area, most likley shot by karuna forces with the aid of army to stirr up the locals
- the sri-lankan politicians are using their power through the sri-lankan army to use these paramilitary forces to kill their political opponents and blame it all on the LTTE
where is sri-lanka going to find this £1.3 billion?
- tax?
- tsunami aid money?
- IMF?
- Loans?
- the people and the politicians
sri-lankan politicians with their bhuddist monks push for a Lone country for bhuddists, Sri-lanka a country for just bhuddists,
but can this dream be achieved by killing tamils?