Police chief Sir Ian Blair fights for job

tried to use the stories from confused/terrifed/panic striken/ victims of terror in london to hide the shooting of the Brazillian, but truth find its way out and now he wants people to remember the 52 people who died and not one,

"The context here is the largest criminal inquiry in English history with 52 innocent victims dead, still double figures of people whose lives have been wrecked, four dead bombers and we can't let that one tragic death outweigh all others." (Police chief Sir Ian Blair)

the fact of the matter is, an innocent man going about his daily life was mistaken for a terrorist and shot down even though he was unarmed, and held down by police officer. a sorry isnt enough for something as STUPID as that.

i think the chief is fighting for his job, the fact that he even tried to hide the truth under a cloud lies, lies about the brazillian acting suspiciously, lies that he wore a puffed up black jacket, lies that he ran, lies that he wasnt held down by another police officer, lies that they had to shoot coz he could've activated a bomb when they knew he didnt have a bomb,

the media would have the chiefs head on a platter but the man is brazillian, he is not white, if he had been of european or american origin then he would've been sacked already,

also the media is treading thin ground if it asks for the head of the chief when they are fighting terrorism, might seem unpatriotic

the police force in britian is racist, everyone knows that, full of mistakes and cover ups, glad this high profile case cant be covered up