this is the latest import program to britain, Lost, channel four shows it on wednesdays and its always on E4

this is the story for plane crash survivors,
you gotta watch the program to know how it works, each episode follows a formula, and it works perfectly. the location is amazing and the cast are great, the story is told in the usual watch the next episode to know whats gonna happen method, and it works.

i, personally like such a story line of people being lost on an island, i like the sun. sea and sand, prolly why i enjoyed watching tom hanks in Castaway, but there is something more sinister than wilkinson on this island.


Mr. Shife said...

It is an awesome show. Across the pond we are getting ready for season 2. Hopefully they will show all the episodes over there back-to-back. We sometimes had to wait a month for a new episode and the anticipation was killer.