who wants to buy an SE W800i from me?


2mega pixel camera.. walkman phone...with nice in-ear head phones

offline price - £400

i'll sell for £300 ( minus the memory stick)


Anonymous said...

without memorystick it should be at most 200

and is it unlocked?

AJ said...

no its not unlockd,

a 1 gig scandisck memory stick is £60

how much is 512MB worth? remember its a scandisk memory stick

phone is BRAND new, not used.

locked is a problem , stupid networks!

T said...

nice phone semi, why are u selling it

AJ said...

i already have a contract and i been with my service for more than a year so i can upgrade my handset, and to get the w800i i only need to pay £30 (plus renew contract)

so i wanna get the phone, sell it, get the money and buy myself a sony psp