Sri-Lankan Government Still in Denial


Jaffna tense: Civilian shot dead by SLA
Sri Lanka's President Chandrika Kumaratunga has condemned the deaths of a police official and a barber in the northern town of Jaffna.

The policeman was hacked to death by a mob after a soldier accidentally fired his weapon, killing the barber, officials say.

accident? too many damned accidents in jaffna at the cost of tamil lives
poor police officer, should've let the military handle the situation

and to add salt to the wound

Military spokesman Daya Ratnayake blamed the Tamil Tiger rebels for inciting the violence in their former military stronghold.

"Without the LTTE's [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] help, this kind of thing cannot happen in Jaffna," he said.

denial, the SLA is in denial, the GoSL is in denial even the sinhala people are in denial that Tamil people arnt happy with GoSL/SLA policies in tamil areas

when will they realise? these people reacted to SLA killing a fellow tamil, just like they been killing for 20 years, it doesnt need to be instigated by the LTTE

from 56 riots to this day they are still in denial about wronging the tamils

the whole government is incompetent


big D said...

exactly how can a gun go off accidentally. I feel sorry 4 a SP too. it's shows how much they fed-up wit SLA