and we are back

stupid cpu fan started making this whirring noise so i pulled it out and i pulled out more than i should have, then i went to maplins to buy the parts and the guys said they dont sell the base which fits on the heat sink, i was like WTF? so got my flat Ali to superglue the parts together, then fixed a new fan and now i am here again....

guess what?

the new fan is making the same noise!!

after i had pulled the fan out i saw all the dust that had built up in the sink and i thought it was the dust which must'av busted the fan, but seems it wasnt the dust, might be the base unit which fits on the sink, it was cracked all over, i got a heat monitor for the cpu, right now its at 52'C which isnt bad, the comp will warn me if its unsafe anyway, so i think i'm good , touch wood