cartoon wars...


the causative agent, one of the offending cartoons

but where is the limit..., this was taken in london, the sun. the hat says "I *heart* Al-Qaida".
i think there is a certain percentage of muslims waiting in the realms for west to do something wrong. its gonna happen more often i think. some placards held by people said "europe you will have you 9/11 soon" ,"7/7 is on its way".

the UK Muslim council leaders sets it straight: BBC report

The chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee said the protesters "did not represent British Muslims".

More protests over cartoons of Muhammad on Saturday passed off peacefully.

Mr Bukhari told the BBC News website: "The placards and chants were disgraceful and disgusting, Muslims do not feel that way.

"I condemn them without reservation, these people are less representative of Muslims than the BNP are of the British people."