The Palm


The Palm, UAE developments.

I had thought that there was only one palm but there is going to be three. DAMN!


Anonymous said...

Wow that looks like an awesome development. Not sure I'd want to live out in the ocean like that though. Still it is impressive none the less.

Here via Blogexplosion.


Anonymous said...

It's damn expensive though.

Seems like UAE will only be for the super rich. An utopian nation of rich folks from around the world.

Like Michael Jackson who's already moved to one of these Arab countries.

TamilPonnu said...

did u check out their indoor ski resort!! thats just bananas!!

and they are gonna build a Tajmahal too , right..

Anonymous said...

Actually they are going to build life size replicas of all the 7 wonders. So the Taj Mahal, Pyramids, Stone Hedge, etc. all in one place.