state of : Tamil Temples in UK

apparently a Sivan temple had to move recently coz the lease ran out on the place, (sivanukey lease'ah?). then the guy moved the temple somewhere and now he doesnt get many "customers" as its a bad location.

temple is business in london, from the long standing wimbledon temple to every new one which arises in a terraced house somewhere in london. the guy who use to own wimbledon temple, dead now, had two wives apparently, i dont know how religion paved the path for that, or maybe he was henry the 8th. inside the temple is a big picture of the man, pay homage to him for opening the temple.

this is the problem with sri-lankan tamils, when they wanna do something they want to do it by themselves, there is I in tamil and no WE. this doesnt just apply to temples but to other things aswell. this doesnt mean that one tamil person cant be successful by themselves but when it coems to matters such a temple they aught to form a group, collect money and build a big temple. take lessons from the indian temple owners.

according to islam, if you build a mosque you go directly to "heaven" (or was it allah, i cant remember). i think maybe this is also true for hindusim since a lotta people want to build temples. tiny temples, one room temples dotted all over london. pretty pathetic.

then the worshippers, milk and flowers! how many pints today? 4? 6? 8? how many boquets? does the amount of milk you take to the temple to be poured down the drain equal to the blessing the god will give unto you? i see this at home. do you need to be the temple to be connected to god? isnt it better for you to give the money to charity? adopt a child through oxfam? why not save up and buy a cow for the temple?

i remember reading that back in the days before sri-lanka or ceylon or serendip or whatever the invaders called, when it was nallur or maybe yarlpanam, the rich used to import priests from india to do the pooja in the temple. and now whats happening in london? yes priests are being importated from india to do poojas.

where does the circle begin? where does it end? .......... maybe when the customers stop buying?


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