Religious Converts...

why do people convert religions? do they suddenly believe in a new god? do they fancy the new way of life? does it make more sense? or is it the advantages provided/proposed by the new religion?

(at this age) four wives is very tempting...


let me see..

from the ages of 1-10 : you should be bhuddist, learn the rules, learn there is no thing as god, learn that life is about karma, dont hurt other beings etc..etc..

from the ages of 10-15 : you should be christian, at this age you should reaffirm the rules, the ten commandments. have structure in life.

from the ages of 15-25 : you should be hindu, this age you should explore the world, indulge in karma sutra, smoke ganja,

from the ages of 25-50 : this is the married years and you should be muslim. 4 wives, 5 people to pay the mortgage. 5 people to look after the kids, you just cant go wrong.

from the age of 50+ : now you should come a full circle back to bhuddism, see that life is nothing. insignificant in the general plan.


Kris said...

LOL gud one......... :p

TamilPonnu said...

lol.. good 1!