Mahinda Raja Fuckse! Doh!

President backs Sri Lanka unity

"By dividing this country we cannot solve this problem. It would worsen the situation," the Reuters news agency quotes him as saying.

another president...same view. same politics. same deal for tamils. same shit.

i dont see how things can get worse than they been for the last 23 years...MOFO!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Raja fuckse!! Good one!

Kris said...

lol raja's talk talk talk like all other SL politicians.....heheh
they all giv promises and then leave with nothin but big bucks in thier bank account..... only way to shut his mouth is a lil bomb dat wud destroy one eye (like CBK's) another way he shud get a prostitute n get laid........CBK is a get pick ;p

Anonymous said...

As the old saying goes, barking dogs don't bite.

So as long as this guy just talks and talks, we will be safe.