Evolution of Emotion


good old emotion, from extremes of happiness to sadness to subtle flavours.

human emotions have gotten complicated, so complicated from women's side that men dont even understand what they mean. The society is pushing the happiness as the way to be in every situation. but as mad people have something wrong in their head, some people are going to be happy and some be grumpy, are all the grumpy people bad? are all the happy people good? when will they find the gene which makes people happy? obviously environmental factors will play a huge part in a persons happiness. but there are bount to be genetically optimistic people who are bound to look at the happy side of any enviromental effect while the pessimistic people are bound to look at the sad side of things.

Society has come to a point where it needs to use drugs and psychology to make people happy, is it having an effect on the population? this drive to be happy?

are there people locked up in crazy homes who just cant help it but smile all the time? are these the people who find happiness in everything they do? they cannot fault their actions, they dont see it as wrong, they forget law and pursue what will make them happy?

we know about the sad people, the manic depressives, they just happy about being sad (semiLOOSE, 2005, quote me on that ;-)).

back to emotion..

did the caveman express subtle emotions? do monkey's express subtle emotions? animals only exhibit extreme emotions as we understand them, have to ask a person with a cat or a dog whether their dog expresses subtle emotions (please no crazy poeple who actually LOVE their cats/dogs). as a society where are we headed? each person is an emotional flood, will we end up locking up the unhappy people? will we end up in a society only good thoughts are allowed and you'll get locked up for having bad thoughts (bit like minority report, forseeing crimes then arresting them).

there is nothing wrong with being happy! happiness in youself brings out happiness in others, unless they jealous of your lottery winnings, i mean day to day happiness, that cheery "hello" or "How are you today?" etc..etc..

there are a lotta people in the world who cant split their personal life from their profession life. they take the problems they have in personal life and give it to someone in their professional life and they get upset and give to someone in their personal life. maybe emotion is like wind, a flutter of a butterfly in south america can cause a storm in asia. so by yourself making one person unhappy you cause murder in another city. its possible.

i'm sure there is countless journals on emotion and the evolution of it but i dont think i have the time to read them. unless they paid me. for now i'm content with my theories on emotion.

smile, life is too short not to.