do journalists care about the people behind the story? or do they just do it for their great story?

i just saw on tv a woman going on about how she shot a video of a girl crying over the loss of her father in the tsunami with her friends. during this she was exaplaining what she wanted to capture and that she did a wide zoom to allow the emotions to be with the friends and not to intrude. she got the video then she said she had a good cry with the girl after she had turned off the camera.

is it exploitation? people say there is no such thing as a selfless act.

without videos and images of how horrific the tsunami was people in west wouldnt have donated so much, it helped to gather more donations. but there is a limit to intruding, how would a journalist like for a person to video her as she is crying over something?

the people who make the rules always have control. the west in the oldern days of british empires and such dictated what was right and wrong, and to this day still continues to do so. the people who write history dictate how the story is told and the west was full of story tellers but not historians.