Tamils boycott sri-lankan election

why bother taking part in another country's election?

the sri-lankan elections had two candidates, War and Peace, (maybe not peace but no war). and the majority sinhala voted for War.

the hardliner Mahinda rakapakse has won the sri-lankan election, he aligned himself with the nationalist party JVP which is bent on returning to the war. the people of sri-lankan have chosen what they want in terms of dealing with minority issues and the LTTE. they plan to use force to keep the minority quiet.

the other candidate, Ranil Wickremasinghe has many opportunities to bring about a change which had always been challenged by the then president Chandrika Kumaratunga. the sinhala people are tired of him and his slowness in reaction and dragging everything.

Rajapakse promises to deliver what the majority of sinhala want, a riddence to the LTTE, it should be interesting to see what happens if this event unfolds in the next few months.

War, why not? it only takes place in tamil areas.

the majority of sinhala poeple are not used to war, they are used to a bombing here or there, but not a big scale war, no ariel bombing, no shelling, hence to them it matters not if war resumes, the only people who will die are the tamils.


Yaaro said...

Do you also realise that the tamils have also indirectly voted for war by boycotting the elections!!!

Anonymous said...

Tamils did not vote, because the outcome of the election is irrelevant! Ranil, Mahinda, whichever Sinhalese person comes into power, they have and always will play game with the Tamils! Ranil had plenty of time to do something useful, instead he dragged along the peace process, and UNP had a hand in the karuna affair as well..

Kris said...

.....hi guys.....
hmmmmmm depressed bout d election results........ a guy wit no plans a guy who did not do much to diserve dis title..... wins d presidential seat....... it cud hav been Ranil.... buh really disapointed bout d ppl who voted for MAhinda a man who think war is da only way through all dis.....buh if this was happenin in COlombo or sum other sinhalese area.....these ppl wudnt think bout war..... whole SL politicians r stupid....a totly waste of time.......

heheh check dis out-->


AJ said...

haha...thank kris

AJ said...

this picture says it all


AJ said...

and remember recently UNP said it was responsible for splitting up the LTTE. (that karuna guy)

Kris said...

yeah read diis...-->

Kris said...

found dis on d above article....."The UNP claims that Karuna left after they took him on tours abroad and showed him the outside world."
.....lolz how much fairytale can it get???

Yaaro said...

Oh by the way, please do go back and read Milinda Moragoda's interview to the Daily Mirror before commenting about how you think tat the UNP split the LTTE. For god sake if you know your grammar, I am sure you can make out what he was trying to say instead of making it out to be what Tamilnet wanted it to be. Read the article before coming to a conclusion and more importantly don't be influenced by what others have to say. I am sure you have a mind of your own- this goes to Anjali as well. Anjali – if there is a war as a result of Mahinda’s victory, are you actually going to be in Jaffna to support our fellow tamils? Take them through the rough time? NO so I think you should think a bit more about what an ordinary tamil man in Jaffna wants. He doesn’t want war. He wants to live a normal life. So I don’t think any of us have the right to talk about how he has been treated in the past cos face it. . .we are not in Jaffna. We don’t live there and we won’t know what it’s like to live there when a supposed war breaks out in the near future. And by the way, Ranil gave what no other SL government gave the tamils in the past. Respect. I hope you understand that. And a true Sri Lankan I enjoyed those two years in which there was a sense of freedom in Jaffna. I could go there whenever I wanted to and they could come here whenever they wanted to. That is freedom. Not war!

Milinda did NOT imply that they split the LTTE. All he said was that the peace process offered a normal life to the LTTE cadres (who actually do the fighting unlike us who can only sit here and rant about it). This resulted in internal rift. That's what he said. Go read it.

AJ said...

"Ranil gave what no other SL government gave the tamils in the past. Respect. I hope you understand that. And a true Sri Lankan I enjoyed those two years in which there was a sense of freedom in Jaffna. I could go there whenever I wanted to and they could come here whenever they wanted to. That is freedom. Not war!"

people of jaffna didnt have freedom, a camp every 4 meters isnt freedom. people are living in fear with riots and fights. being able to move around isnt freedom, some people cant even go back to their homes.

of course maybe jaffna was safer during the ceasefire but not the east,

no one wants war, especially if you are tamil, you definetley dont want war.

Ranil didnt give respect, he knew his motions would be rejected. this is the cat and mouse game played by the GoSL, its been played for the past 23 years.

tamilnet did rewrite the story. altho still curious about why tamilnet would write so

Anonymous said...


I may not be living in Jaffna right now, but Jaffna is still me. I still have a significant amount of family living there, and I love them dearly. Have you been there recently? Some say there are more Army and police in Jaffna than civilians, judging by how they are located every few feet, I wouldn't argue with that.

You go to the hospital, go to the bank, go to the temple, go to the market, go to a school, they are there, pointing a gun at you.

I wouldn't mind their presence so much if they actually do their job. I know people who would not dare step into a police station to complain about something because they are afraid of being jailed themselves. Theives run amok. Guys stand on street corners teasing women. Men pick on you. There are beggers everwhere. People get killed. Ever hear of the killing in Atchuveli? I hear it was the army that provided the weapons. Oh and let's not forget the EPDP, their vans and how they kidnap young girls.

Frankly speaking that is not my idea of freedom or respect. Yeah, there is a war, and there is danger. The same danger exists in Vanni, then how is it that while there is law and order in Vanni, it doesn't exist in Jaffna?

And I am not calling for war, if the LTTE (they are the ones who will be fighting), opt for it, I will stand by them.

Btw, you might want to read this, written by Sivaram on UNP's role in the Karuna affair:

Yaaro said...

"You go to the hospital, go to the bank, go to the temple, go to the market, go to a school, they are there, pointing a gun at you."
I spent quite a significant amount of my time in Jaffna during the ceasefire (initiated by Ranil) and to be honest I didn't see anything of this sort at all. The only checkpoints I saw were "Viduthalai puligal kaval thurai". 2 or 3 guys standing around with guns in light blue shirts bullying us into giving them money for their noble cause! Rs.300 , Rs.400 for silly reasons. My aunts (residents of Jaffna) who travelled with us would encourage us to pay the money cos they didn’t want to see the consequences of not doing so. The journey on A9 is so long. If the army kept you in their checkpoint for 1 hour the LTTE would keep you for 2 hours. At the LTTE checkpoint, you pay ridiculous amounts of money in the name of tax. For every 10 apples you take you pay Rs.3 per apple. Mind you an apple only costs Rs.7. Then finally when you finish what they ask you to do and get into the van and look forward to the rest of the journey, no, you are stopped again to ask for a pass which was given to you at a checkpoint barely ½ a mile away. Then another at the same frequency selling tickets for the “cause”.

One of our family friends who owns a shop in town has to pay the LTTE Rs.40,000 every month in the form of tax. This is almost 70% of his earnings. The amount apparently depends on how many lorries you have. The more the merrier! One of my best friend’s grandmother was beaten up because she wasn’t willing to let go of her grandson to fight for them. He was 16 at the time btw. Where is the respect? Thamil panpadu?

I am not saying that the army is noble or anything of that sort. Every man has his faults. All I am trying to say is that the LTTE who claim themselves to be the sole representatives of the tamil people should give more respect to the tamil people. They’ve destroyed a whole generation of young tamils by taking them into the movement at such tender ages.

You want a solution to this? There are obviously 2 clear options. You go to war or talk it out. By not letting the tamils vote, the LTTE have given a clear message . . .they are ready for war and not interested in peace talks. You and I know that if the tamils in Jaffna did vote on Thursday, Ranil would have won. Will you accept that Anjali? But they couldn’t vote. No SL government is going to walk up to the LTTE and say “ here you go, you can have your ealam”. That’s not going to happen and we have to accept that and take a step forwards rather than just blaming the government for not making a genuine effort when we all know that the LTTE aren’t making a genuine effort either. When I say “ the LTTE”, I don’t mean those poor innocent kids who have been brain washed into the movement. I am referring to the more authoritive lot like Thamilchelvam etc. They can’t be this rigid to achieve peace for the tamils. We would have had something close to peace via Ranil. Now we have nothing to look forward to. My question is, when a war breaks is Thamilchelvam going to face the SLA? Will he be there to defend his fellow tamils? Out there in the battle filed? Did Prabhakaran’s children ever have to sacrifice their education at the age of 13 or 14 to go fight for “ealam”?

What I am saying is that the LTTE started off with a genuine cause for the tamil people. I am grateful to that. But I don’t want to be freed by them from the Sinhalese only to be a slave to them. They have got to understand that. Their motto, “puligalin thagam, thamil eala thayagam” should have been “thamilarin thaagam thamil eala thayagam” from the beginning. They have started to put themselves on a pedestal and that’s not right. We are not at their mercy and nor are we their slaves. They cannot tell me when I can vote and when I can’t. I am entitled to my fundamental rights. We don’t have to fight this out when there is an easy option of talking it out with sensible leaders from the GoSL.

I am not here to quarrel with you Anjali and I hope I didn’t sound like that either. It’s just that somethings need to be forgotten. We shouldn’t hold on to the past. It will kill the next generation. We have to move on for their sake.

AJ said...

"I spent quite a significant amount of my time in Jaffna during the ceasefire (initiated by Ranil) and to be honest I didn't see anything of this sort at all. The only checkpoints I saw were "Viduthalai puligal kaval thurai"."

were you in Vanni or in Jaffna?

you never saw the army in jaffna? i was in jaffna two days and saw more army than people

Anonymous said...

If you were truly in Jaffna, you would know what I am talking about. There is no way somebody could have missed out seeing the army there. Heck, when I first entered Jaffna, I was freaked out at seeing that many soldiers.

..and what was the Viduthali Pulikal Kaval Thurai doing in Jaffna, and armed at that? LTTE members are only allowed to be in Jaffna as Political workers, and are not allowed to be armed. Eitheway, they have moved their offices to Palai now (under Tamil Eelam administration).

Also, I believe the police forces is called "Tamil Eelam Kaval thurai". Not "viduthali pulikal kaval thurai".

It didn't take me much time at the LTTE check points. But then maybe the day you went was particularly busy? Anyways, they check everything in detail. They even play the CDs, Video Cassettes to ensure you are not carrying porn into Eelam. (Porn is banned in Eelam).

I don't know how much LTTE taxes people, but Taxation is based on income, just like in other countries.

If somebody beat up your best friend's grandmother, you should complain to them. I am certain that beatin up an old woman is a big no no. If somebody did that, they shouldn't have. The only way to prevent it from happening again is to report on it. If your best friend's grandmother lives in Vanni, then she can drop off a complaint in one of the Information boxes. This way she can even remail annonymous (if she choses).

They have destroyed a whole generation of young tamils? Do you know how much they spend on Education? How much they go out of their ways to ensure their cadres are educated? Do you know that they even educate their injured cadres?

Btw, ppl didn't vote because they honestly don't believe in either candidates.. Have you not read the reports on BBC? Especially by Ethirajan (A BBC Reporter based in Jaffna).

Do you know in 1994 when CBK was first running for the presidency, ppl, especially Tamil ppl voted for her overwhelmingly. Even I wanted her to win. Then in 1999, only about 19% of the ppl voted. Now in 2005, about 1.4% voted. Do you see the pattern?

For how long Tamil ppl have talked? For how long do you think they should continue to talk? We have talked and talked and talked, and we have achieved all the things that we have now because of the weapons. Even before LTTE came into existence, CBK's dad signed pacts with the Tamils (he tore them into pieces later). He paid dearly with his life for that. He was killed by a buddhist monk.

And "soemthing close to peace" is not good enough. 18 000 men and women didn't give up their lives for "somethihng close to peace".

Anyways, it's Tamil ChelvaN, not Tamil ChelvaM.. and he has fought in battles.. so have most of the other big shots in LTTE, including VP. VP was even arrested, and Tamil Chelvan anna has an injured leg too.

I don't know what VP's children are up to, but if I sacrificed most of life for something, I wouldn't necessarily expect the same from my children. They are not me, and I am not them.

Having said all that I agree. The motto should have been "Thamilarin Thagam Thamizh Eela Thayakam".. I guess they decided to go with the "Pulikalin Thakam Thamil Eela Thayakam" because they are the ones who are fighting.

There are LTTE supporters, LTTE volunteers, LTTE helpers, LTTE fund raisers, etc.. but the only ppl who most ppl consider to be LTTE are the Poralis - the fighters.

Anyways, Ranil is not a sensible leader. He doesn't represent the majority. We know without a doubt that it's MR who is representative of the Sinhalese - the ones with the power. So war or peace, it's MR who would have the power to do anything concrete.