Vitamin R

yes, you read right, Vitamin R, Vital Mineral R,

i know what you thinkin, what does R mean or what does it do, R stands for Risk

this is a vital mineral of youth apparently, so said this scientist from london, cant remember his name!

he says the R factor has been removed from human life as time passed, the amount of R each person gets has reduced and this is what is causing youth unrest, and making them break the law.

there was riots in birmingham after an alleged rape where blacks and asians kids clashed, now there is french rioters after two kids were elecricuted after a police chase. kids are looking at this kind of violence to get their kicks from, more potent than drugs! i forsee more rioting as races clash over petty issues.

can we relate to tamil kids in UK? Canada? all these wannabe gangsters, is there an underlying problem or are they just high on rap and hip-hop?

now, how do we give vitamin R to these kids? compulsory 2 year military service like in Swiss, norway and singapore!