remember, remember the 3rd of november

(Disclaimer: what follows below is fictional and all characters are imaginary)

went out for meal with 9 members of the H-unit gang, then after the meal decided to do some fireworks, and after several delays finally got to a park with fireworks around 1 or 2 am. its firework time but police usually dont like people doing fireworks in park without authorisation. we let all the fireworks off with people holding some of the rocket things in their hands and lettin them go, some which were supposed to be stuck into the ground but fell over and shot rockets everywhere, it was like watching a war movie watching the sparks and everyone running for cover. the final box was about 6 rockets, real loud, the grand finale, we watched it all go then i said lets go, we've pushed our luck far enough. half way to gettin to the car, i'm thinkin about the police and walked fast then i realised i was way ahead of everyone else so i sat down on the park chair, as i was sitting down i was thinking "i sit down and i bet the police come, just like the time i got caught on the tube for not buying ticket" i was on the escalator, i ran up it saw the police, ran down half way, wish it was stairs than escalator. so as i get off the chair i see a car turning, off the road and into the grass, then the obvious red/blue stripe, blue lights, i run a little, then i hear the car, i start walking fast, the police car goes directly for the people behind me, i walk even faster and walk to the other half of the park. i thought everyone was caught. as i was walking in the other part of the park i came up to a road, i looked around, shit, i never been here. i'm lost. so i walk back and lie down on a park bench, wondering whether i should call the others, then i see mrH walking down another road, shit he ran too, he ran through a bush, so we think everyone else get caught. i call K, he says he is the only one caught, everyone else ran! including the two girls. so K got told off, police only saw the last 3 rockets, £40 each, K got fined £120!, police said atleast one of the people who ran come back and we wont fine you, but i wasnt falling for that, K goes dont come to the cars, the police could be circling around. then me and H walked down to an Esso garage, call up S and he is at tube station with K2, k2 and s already said they would run. then we walk down to meet then and R comes in his car, he was hiding in a bush and then later walked past the police, and k was with the police at the time and the police asked if he was a friend, k said no, haha, so we all in the car making a big fuss and then it turns out the girls were at the car, so we told them to meet us back at the restaurant, it turns out the girls and R2 were hiding in the bushes! one girl lost her £75 shoes, she didnt know we were going to a muddy park to do fireworks.

so thats November 3rd, remember, remember.

it was strange that i was thinking of the police when i got up on the chair and got off it because i knew it'd be the dumb thing to do before the police come, then i see the police,