Lost in Lost

so the Lost drama continues..and as it continues the number of unexplained events keep increasing...

1. the pilot being grabbed through the cockpit of a plane lodged in a tree, dinosaurs? the animal screams sounded like jurassic park

2. the polar bear, it culdnt've pulled the pilot out of the cockpit, it did get shot

3. wires pulling the lock down into hole, wtf are they?

4. the hatch

5. the mysterious man inside hatch who runs off

6. stupid number, the lotto number, 5 ...blahdy blahdy blah

7. press number every 108 minutes, wtf?

8. the OTHERS, how many others are there? two? one seems to be full of pirate like men and the other seem to be hunter gatherer sort of people

more shall be added as i remember them...