sign the kyoto mothafucka (bush)

what an idiot, and all those idiots who stood up and clapped for this speech!

addicted to oil? increase the price...then you'll have less people addicted to it,

i blame the arabs, all the control but still selling the barrel to USA. maybe they aught to see whats happening. future is bleek, better recognize!

then the south americans arnt good either, selling cheap and destroying their rain forests, you are destroying the future of the country in the long run to cure short-term problems.

democracy doesnt work!


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to make money SemiLOOSE, including the Arabs and South Americans.

AJ said...

yeah but they aught to think about how they gonna make money when the black gold is gone...

Anonymous said...

That's why UAE is investing in all these tourist attractions:
- life size replicas of the 7 wonders
- indoor ski resort
- artificial islands
- that expensive hotel

Saudi Arabia will always have Hijab pilgrims they can milk for revenue.

AJ said...

yeah all these countires aught to think like UAE!, they are in big business now!
they gonna have the tallest building the world soon.