Blue Ray Heat


well well wwell, is it beta-max all over again for sony?

companies are fighting out which format of next generation DVDs to use, HD-DVD by toshiba or blue-ray by sony,

Intel and Microsoft have said they will support Toshiba-led next generation DVD technology

wonder whether the choice to support toshiba my microsoft has something to do with the rivalry between microsoft and sony. Sony says its Playstation3 will have blue-ray disc capabilities which will outdate microsofts xbox 360, even tho xbox 360 does not support HD-dvd.

backers of Sony's Blu-ray discs include Dell and Apple.

atleast sony has some support but is not as huge as intel or microsoft

sony is fighting battles on all sides, against microsoft it has the playstation 3 the console war, with apple is has the walkman/ipod war and so and so on...

Paramount, Universal and Warner Brothers are supporting the hd-dvd while disney is saying they'll support blue-ray but will consider hd-dvd, the problem is sony has its arm in the studios as well with its columbia studios, so they'll chose blue-ray

seems the problem with blue-ray is that it costs more maybe if sony were to make some leaps in lowering the cost of the disc then things might look up